Mini-Review Until Ashlyn (Until Her #3) by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Short description:

Dillon Keck knew Ashlyn Mayson was drunk when she suggested they get married. He knew he should have taken her back to their hotel room and put her to bed. Instead, he did what he had been craving to do since the moment they met.

Claim her as his.

Waking up married in Vegas isn’t something Ashlyn Mayson ever thought would happen to her. Having Dillon, her boss, a man she thinks is a dick, insist they stay married is absurd, but every time he touches her, she gets lost in him and wonders if maybe they are meant to be together.

But someone isn’t happy for Dillon and Ashlyn and their new found romance, and they’re willing to do anything to keep them apart. Even commit murder.

(Synopsis from Goodreads)

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What’s it about?

First off some main info:30306841

Author: Aurora Rose Reynolds

Title: Until Ashlyn

Published: December 27th, 2016

Series: Until Her #3

Version: Kindle Edition

Would I recommend it: Sort of as an in-
between book

Rating: 3 Stars


My Opinion:

Sadly I have to say that I did not enjoy reading this book as much as I wanted too. It had some quite good parts but also some that I didn’t like, I guess they just weren’t for me.

Let’s start with what I started with. On Goodreads I read that there would be some accidental marrying in Vegas and I was sold. Add the whole boss thingy – then even more! The premise of the story sounded like it would be a great, fun, enjoyable read, which I like to think I had reasonable expectations for. But, as you can see in the first sentence: I was disappointed. As I said, I liked the idea of the story quite a lot, as well as the actual plot that I found in the book, but what I didn’t like about that was the pacing. I think that the different plot points had a kind-of awkward pacing and also the depth of various plot points, to me, wasn’t chosen too well. I just wished that maybe the author could have payed a little more attention to certain parts of her story instead of just skipping over everything. Another thing that bothered we were the jumps in the plot. Sometimes I couldn’t even understand what was happening and it caused me a lot of confusion. The writing style I found mostly good, except for the already mentioned aspects. One last thing I disliked a little was the female leads family constellation. Honestly, I just didn’t get it!! It felt like every chapter there was another character introduced and at some point I just couldn’t keep up anymore and I have to say that I didn’t care enough to go back several pages just to find some kind of explanation for their appearance. I did like the little crime element a lot and this was really something I wished would’ve gotten more attention, because the parts that she did write on that aspect were absolutely great!

Now let’s move on to the characters. I don’t really know what to tell you guys… There was really little depth to these characters, so that I already barely remember anything about them. Please remember that this is just how I felt and I don’t want to offend anyone! You might feel completely different about it! The female lead Ashlyn seemed like quite a nice girl, she was kind, friendly, and a good person but I really can’t say more about her. Same goes with Dillon. All I know about him is that he is bossy, possessive, but also loving. All in all his character was a little too much to me, at times he was alright and then suddenly it felt like he was suffocating Ashlyn who JUST GAVE IN! She was portrayed as a stereotypical submissive who just does what her “man” tells her to and I just didn’t like that… I also can’t understand why she would stay with him!!


So this is my opinion about this book. I am sorry I kept it so short and that it might suck, but in my defense I haven’t written a review in a few months! 😉 Thank you guys fo reading and happy sunday!


4 thoughts on “Mini-Review Until Ashlyn (Until Her #3) by Aurora Rose Reynolds

  1. CreativeMisfit says:

    Don’t apologise for short reviews! It is hard when you’re not really feeling a book and there isn’t all that much to say. Your review is very well written and as you said these are your opinions. You didn’t rip in to the author at all you just gave a bit of constructive criticism. I would be interested to read it but mostly for the crime element haha

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tammy @ a word about books says:

      Thank you so much!! ☺ The crime element in this book is awesome! And I think I would’ve loved this book if that would have been more focused on!

      Liked by 1 person

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