Book Shuffle | September 2016

Hi Guys, today it’s time for this month’s Book Shuffle! The Book Shuffle is a monthly meme created and hosted by Shannon @ Clockwork Bibliophile and if you want to find out more about it just check out her first post about this meme explaining it and such! 🙂 This is just going to be a shortie today, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless! 🙂

This time my shuffle button spit out Overtime by Hoodie Allen and I matched it with All Lined Up (Rusk University #1) by Cora Carmack!

The Song

Hoodie Allen my favorite rapper along with Drake, so it’s no wonder that I really like this song 😅 I really like about this song that it’s pretty chill and listening to it relaxes me a lot actually! And another think that I like about it are the lyrics – well the way I understand them at least, which might be utter bullshit! I understand the song to be about putting hard work towards your goals and not giving up however hard it becomes…. Is that about right? If not I’m screwed because that is my reasoning for my choice of book 😅


The Book

I chose All Lined Up by Cora Carmack mainly because of my interpretation of the song’s lyrics! Carson, the male lead in the book, used to go to a junior college and has just transferred to Rusk University. There he has to work very hard to show his dedication to the football team and how good he is at playing the game! A lot of the teammates don’t take him seriously so he really has to fight for the acceptance of him and his skills. So I think the motto of working your ass off to achieve your dreams connects the song and the book! As you can see I don’t have too much to say about this book since, while I did like it, I don’t have really big emotions towards the characters in this first book. The series is definitely worth a read though!!


Do you know this song? What book would you match it up with? Thanks for reading y’all!


Songs on Repeat Book Tag

I got tagged in this amazing Tag by Lara @ The Heathen who is the creator of this Tag as well! I think I’m starting to repeat myself but definitely check out her blog!! Her content is awesome, she is really supportive, and on top of that she’s a great writer! Here are the songs that are on repeat on my playlist – or in my head 😋


Wie soll ein Mensch das ertragen by Philip Poisel

This is one of the few German songs that I absolutely love!! I know that it might not be a good idea to put a song first that a lot of people won’t understand, but I think even if you can’t understand the lyrics it still is a beautiful song and I love listening to it!


White Tiger by Our Last Night

This is one of my favorite songs of all time!! It is so beautiful and I think it’s not only for fans of this genre but also for other music lovers that are interested in any kind of rock music! I saw Our Last Night live a few weeks ago and this was the song I was most excited for!! Couldn’t wait to hear it live ❤


Forest by Twenty One Pilots

I love Twenty One Pilots! They are so different from a lot of the bands out there and they combine so many styles in their music and even their own songs differ from each other so much! And just let me clarify: I loved them before all the hype and I’m not one of those who only know two or three songs and still calls them their favorite band… I love the chorus of this song and can’t listen to it often enough!


Fame is for Assholes by Hoodie Allen feat Chiddy

This song isn’t what I usually listen too but I absolutely love listening to it in the car with my sister! She has a very different taste in music and the only band we agree on is Twenty One Pilots! But this song is OUR JAM in the car!


Missing You by All Time Low

All Time Low is my absolute all time favorite band! Actually I found out about them through a book I’ve read a while back, which is kinda funny – it all comes back to books 😅 I love this band so much and their songs mean a lot to me, they also were the first “real” band whose concert I went to! Their songs are very emotional to me and helped me through some rough times, I absolutely love Alex Gaskarth’s voice and the sound of the band in general! I could really name any song here but Missing You is one that gets stuck very easily ❤

The music video contains some talking so below there’s just the music!



Anything by State Champs!!

(In this case: All you are is history)

I only started listening to State Champs the day before yesterday actually, and while I knew of them before that, I never really tried to find out more about them for some reason! When I was searching for Secrets by One Republic I came across their song Secrets and I am completely in love with the band! Their music is amazing and I can’t get enough of them! Can’t wait to discover more of their music and maybe see them live some time! 😉


I loved doing this Tag! I got to talk about my music (which is one of my favorite things to do!) and maybe some of you found something they like! I hope the ones that I’ll nominate will have fun with this Tag as well – I know I will, as I love finding out what kind of music people are into!

I Tag:

Yeah I’m REALLY interested in other people’s taste in music 😅

Book Shuffle | August

Hi guys! Today, once again, I want to do the Book Shuffle meme. I originally planed to post one of these twice a month, but I didn’t get around to do it, so monthly it is! This meme was created and is hosted by Shannon @ Clockwork Bibliophile and if you want to join in on the fun just check out her post about the Book Shuffle!

The song that came up in my library this time was 7 Years by Lukas Graham and I matched this one with A thousand boy kisses by Tillie Cole!

The Song

I absolutely love 7 Years! The components of this song fit together perfectly in my opinion and it’s just an overall great song. While I really enjoy a lot of songs by Lukas Graham they aren’t a band I listen to regularly…Even though I think I should, actually! This song has become one of my favorite songs to listen to when I’m awake at night…

The song itself really doesn’t have any connection to the book I’ve chosen but to me it still makes sense!

The Book

A Thousand Boy Kisses by Tillie Cole is one of my absolute favorites when it comes to books! It is so freaking sad but so beautiful and happy at the same time. I kind of wrote a review for the book that you can check out here. I think A thousand boy kisses is such a beautiful story and while it features some story elements that other YA writers have used before it is completely different from all of them!

For connecting the song and the movie I really don’t have a reasoning that others could understand, but a more personal one. It’s just that every time I hear this song, I have to think of Cole’s book and am close to crying every single time and this song kinda was my soundtrack to the book. Also, even though the song is about something completely different than the book, I feel like you could add different, book matching, lyrics to the instrumentals of 7 years and still have the same type of song. No one could really tell the difference I think.

A sad note that connects the song and the book is that Poppy and Rune will never be able to become good parents, or parents at all, which is what this song is really about. Aaaand there we go – just writing about that makes me cry all over again!


Well this was my second Book Shuffle and I hope you enjoyed reading it! And thank you for reading it! 🙂

Book Shuffle | July

So the other day I saw the Book Shuffle hosted by Shannon from the blog Clockwork Bibliophile and I thought, since I just love music, I could try that out!

The first song that came up on my phone was Amnesia by 5 Seconds of Summer and I matched it to the book Remember Jamie Baker by Kelly Oram.

1.The Song

You know, I’m pretty sure that by now everyone in my age group knows this song and I have to admit I really, really love this song! But for anyone who doesn’t know it here’s the music video:

I honestly just love the tone of the song, as well as the lyrics and *sigh* everything about it. Also it was a pretty easy one to match… as you might realize from the title of the book I connected with this beautiful song!

2.The Book (Spoilers!)

As you read above my chosen book is Remember Jamie Baker by Kelly Oram and the reason for this is obvious – Jamie has Amnesia. I know, I know this is the opposite of creative and the song isn’t even about someone with Amnesia yadayadayada…But that really isn’t the (main) reason this book was my first choice.

The important one really is Ryan Miller!! Ryan is such an optimistic, lovable, kind person who, btw, always kind of reminded me of a puppy-a Husky, maybe, or a Labradoodle…But let’s get back on topic. When the mentioned song came up for my Book Shuffle I had to think of what could’ve been Ryan if he wasn’t the strong, kindhearted person he is. Think about it – his fiancee went missing for months and he didn’t have a clue where she could be. For all he knew she could’ve been dead or could’ve just decided she didn’t love him anymore. Most people with weaker characters would’ve cracked under these circumstances and as in the song would’ve wished they had amnesia themselves to keep from feeling the pain of the loss again and again, day for day. But lucky for us this didn’t happen and Jamie finally got ALL her memories back, so we were able to enjoy Jamie Baker and Ryan Miller once again! I just love those two so so much and I just wished it could go on forever!


Thanks for reading and I hope this Book Shuffle was alright! Let me know what you thought of it! You should definitely check out the creator Shannon’s blog that I linked above!

Music video for “Uninvited”

So, a few days ago I posted a review about Uninvited by Sophie Jordan and when I read it I had to think of a song by one of my favorite bands and even tough it doesn’t address the exact topic of the book, I think it comes pretty close, with it being about mobbing and such. I just wanted to share this with you because I think it has a great message and it’s a really great song, so I hope you enjoy Sunrise by Our Last Night:

I am also posting this video because I’m a music junkie and I was *toolazytowriteareviewtonight*… Sorry, but hopefully I’m gonna be able to post the review for “Logan Kade” by Tijan on Tuesday and maybe finally put some info on the “About” page.