100 Follower Q&A

Hi Y’all, today I’m gonna answer the questions I got after posting my 100 Followers + Q&A post and I am very excited to do so, even though not a lot of people had any questions for me 😅 That makes me even happier about the guys who asked questions though 👍🏼😊  Let’s get right to it!


Questions from Niraja @ Fantastic Books and Where to Find Them

  • What’s your favorite part about blogging so far?

Well, honestly I have to say that it’s the community and sharing my opinions on things that are important to me with others who like them as well! I know that’s what everybody always says but it’s completely true! It is why I even started this blog in the first place – to not bother my friends with my love for books anymore and rather tell people who are actually interested in them 😅

  • What’s your Harry Potter house?

First off I gotta say that I am not the biggest Harry Potter fan. I like the books and movies a lot, but I am not all up in the fandom. Originally I was gonna say I think I would be that and that house BUT(!!) I decided that I would join Pottermore for this very question! So I went through the sorting ceremony and was sorted into the house I would want to be in……



That’s what I call effort you guys!!

Questions from Gretchen @ ChicNerdReads 

  • What age did you start reading?

I’m not sure about that anymore but I think around 5 when I was nearing first grade! Maybe already earlier in Kindergarten but if so it would’ve extremely easy books with a lot of pictures and very big writing 😅😉

  • What’s a book you would recommend to everyone?!

There are a lot of great books out there but one that I found really deep and great was when-we-collided-emery-lordWhen We Collided by Emery Lord! (My Review) While I didn’t love everything about everyone in this book I really loved its message and the topics it covered! I think it shows a lot that you cannot judge a person from the outside and even if someone seems weird, rude, or anything else it might not be their fault and they don’t deserve your judgement!! Also it tells people that they have to deal with mental illness instead of ignoring it, which I find incredibly important, as I have my own experiences with mental illness!


  • Who’s an auto-buy author for you?

Our mutually loved C.C. Hunter of course!!!! Her series Shadow Falls and Shadow Falls After Dark are some of my favorite series and I will literally buy ANYTHING new she’ll put out 😅 I don’t care if it’s about a talking piece of toast – I will read it and I will enjoy the hell out of it!! BTW y’all can find a review of her latest release Midnight Hour here!



Questions from Reg @ She Latitude

  • What has been the hardest part of blogging for you so far?

The hardest part is what I am currently experiencing. Blogging takes up a lot of time and can become really stressful at times. It takes up time that I currently just don’t have because I have to focus on school and getting good/great grades. That is really hard on me right now and it’s the reason why I’m almost never actively participating in the community anymore and why I haven’t been posting a lot these last few weeks….

  • What’s your favorite pizza topping?

I like it pretty simple when it comes to pizza: Just some tomatoes, basil and Mozzarella! And of course I like the basic Pizza Margherita! ❤ 🍕



Thank you guys for reading this post and for asking the questions! Please check out Naraja’s, Gretchen’s , and Reg’s blog – it’s worth it!! They have great content and Gretchen for example is an amazing writer!!


100 Followers and Q&A

100 Follows!

Congratulations on getting 100 total follows on a word about books!
Your current tally is 101.

Hi you guys! I am so happy to tell y’all that I have reached 100 Followers on this blog!!!!! To some this might seem like nothing big but to me it means so much! I never thought anyone would want to read my opinions on books and I didn’t think I would even reach 25 Followers, so to me this is a really big deal!

Thank Y’all!!


I want to thank every single one of you for your support and I don’t think I could ever thank y’all enough! I hope you don’t regret following me and enjoy my posts 😉😄 To kinda celebrate this achievement I thought I could maybe do a Q&A if y’all have questions for me – which I hope! Just write any questions you might have below in the comments!

Also I might post one of the poems I write on this blog. This will be very hard for me, as I see the works of amazing writers *cough* Gretchen and Drew *cough* on here, but I have to get out of my shell a little – especially since I am probably going to be taking part in a poetry slam next year and I need to work on my confidence. Even if those poems aren’t all that good I just want to try!

Once again thank y’all and I can’t wait for the times to come! This is such a great motivation and I’ll try to post regularly again despite school!


Cinder & Ella by Kelly Oram | News + Giveaway!!

Hi Guys! I want to start of this (to me) really exciting post by apologizing for my absence on y’all’s blogs and on mine as well! School is really stressful right now and I’m not feeling to great either….since blogging is “just” my hobby I definitely have to put school and my own health before blogging! I really wish I could be more present but I might have to reduce my posts to about two a week…But let’s start with the happy part of this post!!


Exactly two years ago, a little book titled Cinder & Ella made its way onto Amazon. And then it exploded, making its way to # 1 on Amazon in all of its categories and even hitting the top 20 on all of Amazon. (Way to go Cinder & Ella!)

And nearly every day of the two years since its release, author Kelly Oram has received requests for an epilogue or a short story or something–anything–that would give readers more of their beloved Brian (aka Cinder) & Ella.

It may have taken 2 years, but Kelly has finally decided to grant all of those requests, which means:

Cinder & Ella is getting a SEQUEL!!


That’s right people, there’s a whole second book coming! But that’s not all. Not only has the book been announced, it’s less than 5 months away, and today we’re revealing the cover and blurb!

Along with this cover reveal the first book, Cinder & Ella, is also getting a new look. They’ve redesigned the cover to match the sequel.










Title: Cinder & Ella
Author: Kelly Oram
Publisher: Bluefields
Pages: 312



Written by the inestimable Kelly Oram, Cinder & Ella is a contemporary Cinderella re-telling set in present day Hollywood.

4.8 out of 5 stars with over 1,500 reviews on Amazon!





What would you do if your anonymous Internet best friend turned out to be Hollywood’s hottest celebrity?

Cinder458: Your blogaversary is coming up, right?
EllaTheRealHero: Do all those Hollywood friends of yours know you use words like blogaversary?
Cinder458: Of course not. I need your address. Got you a blogaversary present.

Cinder got me a gift?
My heart flipped.
Not that I was in love with my Internet best friend or anything. That would be utterly ridiculous. The boy was cocky and stubborn and argued with everything I said just to be infuriating. He also had lots of money, dated models—which meant he had to be hot—and was a closet book nerd.
Funny, rich, hot, confident, book lover. Definitely not my type. Nope. Not at all.

It’s been almost a year since eighteen-year-old Ella Rodriguez was in a car accident that left her crippled, scarred, and without a mother. After a very difficult recovery, she’s been uprooted across the country and forced into the custody of a father that abandoned her when she was a young child. If Ella wants to escape her father’s home and her awful new stepfamily, she must convince her doctors that she’s capable, both physically and emotionally, of living on her own. The problem is, she’s not ready yet. The only way she can think of to start healing is by reconnecting with the one person left in the world who’s ever meant anything to her—her anonymous Internet best friend, Cinder.


Hollywood sensation Brian Oliver has a reputation for being trouble. There’s major buzz around his performance in his upcoming film The Druid Prince, but his management team says he won’t make the transition from teen heartthrob to serious A-list actor unless he can prove he’s left his wild days behind and become a mature adult. In order to douse the flames on Brian’s bad-boy reputation, his management stages a fake engagement for him to his co-star Kaylee. Brian isn’t thrilled with the arrangement—or his fake fiancée—but decides he’ll suffer through it if it means he’ll get an Oscar nomination. Then a surprise email from an old Internet friend changes everything.

With a heartwarming online celebrity romance reminiscent of Jennifer E. Smith’s This Is What Happy Looks Like, bestselling young adult author Kelly Oram has struck gold with her new adult contemporary retelling of the timeless fairytale classic Cinderella.

“A story that has it all: tears, laughs, sparks and a drop-dead swoonworthy hero. Give it a while and DreamWorks will pick up this story for a movie adaption, no doubt.” Anna Katmore, Author of Play With Me & Neverland

“Both funny and heart-wrenching, Cinder and Ella will give you all the feels. It’s the best twist on the Cinderella tale I have come across. I am not just a fan of Kelly Oram. I am an addict.” Cassie Mae, author of Switched & How To Hook A Bookworm

“Cinder & Ella is a beautiful modern-day fairytale with a great cast of characters that made me laugh and swoon. It had me staying up late at night to read just one more chapter, and at the end, I was left with a big grin on my face.” Cindi Madsen, USA Today Bestselling Author of Falling For Her Fiancé & Cinderella Screwed Me Over

If this hasn’t convinced you to check this book out, you can preview the prologue and first chapter by reading along with Kelly Oram.

And now for the moment you’re all really waiting for…


Are you ready…?


Okay…here it is!!!


hea_coverTitle: Happily Ever After
Series: Cinder & Ella #2
Author: Kelly Oram
Publisher: Bluefields
Release Date: February 14, 2017
Buy Links: Signup to Kelly Oram’s NEWSLETTER to be notified upon release.


The end of one story is often the beginning of another. Hollywood heartthrob Brian Oliver and his Cinderella princess Ellamara Rodriguez have finally found love outside the digital world. But leaving their anonymity behind creates a whole new set of obstacles for the nation’s new favorite sweethearts. With the stress of Brian’s fame and the pressures of a new relationship weighing down on them, the It Couple quickly begins to wonder if they can hold on to their newfound joy, or if maybe happily ever after is only a fairy tale.



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Author Info & Links:

KELLY_pic_2_FULL_SIZEKelly Oram wrote her first novel at age fifteen—a fan fiction about her favorite music group, The Backstreet Boys, for which her family and friends still tease her. She’s obsessed with reading, talks way too much, and likes to eat frosting by the spoonful. She lives outside of Phoenix, Arizona with her husband, four children, and her cat, Mr. Darcy.

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Connect with Kelly:
Website * Newsletter * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Amazon * Goodreads * Google+ * Reader Squad/Street Team * GR fan group

A little more about Kelly Oram:

10 Facts about Kelly Oram:

  1. I love to sing and went to college as a voice performance major.
  2. I once competed in the Miss Michigan Teen USA pageant. (I did not win LOL.)
  3. I’m a baseball fanatic. (Go D-backs!)
  4. I broke my head as a kid and had to wear a hockey helmet to school as my cast.
  5. I own my own 10-sided dice for role-playing that no one but me is allowed to role.
  6. I’m left handed.
  7. I am credited as associate producer for the independent film Amber Alert.
  8. I live for road trips. Best vacation I ever took was a three-week coast-to-coast-and-back drive with my father.
  9. The Backstreet Boys were my 1D in high school, and I was a total fangirl. I still have a whole collection of fan paraphernalia.
  10. I took both golf and bowling classes in college to fulfill my PE credits. (I still suck at both.)

Interview with Kelly Oram:

Where did you grow up? Tell us a little of your childhood.

I grew up with two amazing, loving parents and a bunch of siblings that I only realized were amazing after I grew up and moved away from them. We moved around quite a bit, but I spent the majority of my life in Colorado, Michigan, and California. My childhood was crazy and chaotic at times but fun and full of love. I have no complaints.


What was it like living in Los Angeles right out of college?

LA is crazy, and the film industry is rough. It was overwhelming for my husband and I to go there when we were so young, had never been there, and had no family within hundreds of miles. But it was an adventure. We learned a lot, grew up a lot, and have a lot of great memories of our time there.


Share with us one thing most people do not know about you? 

Umm… like I mentioned about in the fun facts, I modeled a little bit as a teenager and once competed in the Miss Michigan Teen USA pageant. Neither modeling, nor the pageant circuit was really my thing and I quit both pretty quickly. But it was an experience I’m glad I had. I got to do something that not many get the chance to do. I also learned that I belong behind the spotlight, not in it. LOL.


If you could pick one, which one of your books would you make a movie based on?

Hmm. I think it would be a toss up between Serial Hottie and Cinder & Ella. Serial Hottie is just fun and I can totally picture it being done similarly to The Burbs, or Suburbia. A fun quirky murder mystery romance. I’d love it. But I’m also a HUGE sucker for anything Cinderella, and it’s always done so well in the movies. Seeing Brian and Ella on the big screen would be so awesome.


Do your family and friends read your books?

Some of them. The ones who enjoy reading do. I never expect people I know to read my work, and I only encourage them if I think they will genuinely enjoy my stories. As a writer, I know not everyone is going to love my work, but my friends and family don’t always believe me when I say it’s okay if they don’t like my books. I’ve had friends read my books because they were curious but who don’t normally read the YA romance genre and then they felt really bad when they didn’t like it. It’s really okay. But it’s also fun when someone I know comes up to me and says, “OMG I finally read one of your books and I loved it!”

If you couldn’t be an author, what would your ideal career be? 

Uh… are there other options? Kidding. Well before this I was a stay home mom and it worked well for me. I’d also love to give musical theater a shot. Broadway would be fun!


What inspired you to write Cinder & Ella?

I didn’t need to be inspired for this one. I have ALWAYS wanted to write my own Cinderella story. It’s my favorite fairy tale. I will watch and read every single Cinderella adaptation I can find. And I will read or watch them over and over and over again. So ever since I started writing, I knew that one day I would write a Cinderella retelling of my own. I simply had to wait for the right idea. I actually had the idea of the celebrity and the “normal” girl knowing each other from an online roleplaying game and meeting up at a fantasy or gaming convention sitting in my “idea” folder. And one day when I was between projects I was looking over my list of ideas and I thought that would be the perfect idea for a Cinderella story and voila … Cinder & Ella was born.


What scene was your favorite to write?

My favorite scene to write was probably the scene where Brian and Ella finally meet face to face. That’s not necessarily my favorite scene in the book, but it was a lot of fun to write. To think up the moments and conversation that would make Brian recognize Ella, and getting to have them banter as strangers was a lot of fun! Seriously, not to be egotistical or anything, but when Brian told Ella to say car for him… I almost died laughing. Kinda thought I was a genius for a while. (Of course, then I went back and read the first draft when it was done and realized that genius was a bit of a stretch! LOL) But anyway, yeah, the face-to-face was a lot of fun.


Who is your favorite—Brian or Ella?

Pshhh. That totally depends on which one of them I’m dealing with and how they are treating me at the time. Kind of like my kids, it’s hard to play favorites, but well behaved characters are usually higher on my list than the difficult ones.


Well there it is guys!! I am so excited for this sequel and I can’t wait to read it when it comes out! Thanks for reading this post and I hope you liked it!!

Have you read Cinder & Ella and how did you like it? Have you read anything else by Kelly Oram?

Sunday Update

Hello Guys! Today is once again a Sunday and I thought it was time for another short update about how my month has been going so far! I hope y’all have had a great month so far – I sure did!


As I’ve mentioned in another post before I am currently with my former host family in Texas, for my summer vacation, and that is just going great! Since I want to spend time with my family – obviously – I couldn’t read as many books as I originally wanted to and also had to abandon the 26 Books in August Challenge that I wanted to take part in…Sorry guys! I’ve been blogging for a little over a month now and I want to try to really get a steady program of what to post here by the beginning of next month. Other than that there’s really nothing much going on in my life, except that I am really excited to finally turn 18 in September! Yay!


I have read 4 books so far this month and those were:

  • Oblivion (Lux #1.5) by Jennifer L. Armentrout
  • Cress (The Lunar Chronicles #3) by Marissa Meyer
  • Unexpected Reality by Kaylee Ryan
  • Wicked (A Wicked Saga #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

I also started reading the original version of After by Anna Todd but I couldn’t deal with that book at all, especially the main characters, so I couldn’t continue it! Call me a quitter, I don’t care!


Currently I am reading Winter (The Lunar Chronicles #4) by Marissa Meyer and Taming Chloe Summers by Anna Katmore.

Next Week’s Posts

~These are only the posts I have planned so far~

Monday, August 15th 2016: Book Shuffle hosted by Clockwork Bibliophile

Tuesday, August 16th 2016: Book Review (Cress)

Wednesday, August 17th 2016: Top 5 Wednesday

Friday, August 19th 2016: Netflix and Books Tag


Other Stuff

TV: I watched a lot of the Olympics this week with my family and it was so much fun! I used to not be that big of a fan of sports, but this event was great I think!

Music: A song that I listened to a lot this week with my sisters was It wasn’t me by Shaggy! It’s still stuck in my head!


I hope y’all had a great Sunday and thank y’all for reading my post! 🙂


July Wrap-Up and Personal Update

Hi Guys! So today is the last day of July which conveniently falls on a Sunday and it’s time for this month’s Wrap-Up and a little personal update! I haven’t been able to read a lot this month – I honestly don’t know why!


What I’ve read this month:

  • The Game that Breaks Us by Micalea Smeltzer
  • Rae of Sunshine by Micalea Smeltzer – I gave both of these book 4 Stars. Micalea Smeltzer is one of my favorite authors in the New Adult genre and I also love her Willow Creek series that shifts from Young Adult to New Adult. I was really excited for The Game that Breaks Us and I enjoyed most of the book, which is a given when reading Smeltzer’s books. Rae of Sunshine was actually a re-read and I enjoyed it just as much as the first time I read it.
  • Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles #1) by Marissa Meyer – I gave this book 5+ Stars and you can find the review here!
  • Deep Redemption (Hades Hangmen #4) by Tillie Cole – I gave this book 5 Stars! This author is my absolute favorite when it comes to New Adult novels and she is also the one who got me into that genre. I have basically loved every single one of her books and I can’t wait for the next one to come out!
  • Saving Tatum (Trace + Olivia #4) by Micalea Smeltzer – I gave this book 5 Stars!
  • Tone Deaf by Olivia Rivers – I gave this book 3.5 Stars and you can find the review here!
  • Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles #2) by Marissa Meyer – I gave this book 5+ Stars and you can find my review here!


I also attempted to read Josh and Hannah by Lynda Chance but I absolutely hated it and couldn’t finish it! I don’t want to review this book since it would be negative all the way, but I appreciate the authors effort and I don’t just want to bash her book. I think it was probably just meant for a different audience.

I am sorry for reading only these few books and for posting even less reviews, but this was my first month of real blogging and I’ll try to do better for the following months!



Currently I am reading:

  • the absolutely amazing Cress by Marissa Meyer which is part of the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING series The Lunar Chronicles!
  • Oblivion by Jennifer L. Armentrout. This is Obsidian re-told from Daemon’s POV!


Now let’s move on to the updatey part:

In Bavaria the summer holidays just started two days ago and from tomorrow on I’ll be spending the next five weeks in the USA!! YAY!!!! I am so freaking excited, because I am going to see my family again, that hosted me during my High School Year over there. Since I don’t get to spend time with them often, I might not be able to post a lot during that time, but I’ll try to keep posting one review per week and keep up the Top 5 Wednesday, at least! When I come back I will definitely make a bookhaul post and after that I’ll make one for my birthday (that is soon after) as well!

Also, due to the whole seeing my family thing, I probably won’t be able to read a lot during my time in the States…Which is also going to make the 26 Books Challenge, which I was tagged in by Lara, pretty hard! But I’ll do my best and it sounds like SO MUCH fun!!

Thank you guys for reading and I hope y’all had a good month of July! Good luck for August!! 🙂