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For starters: I AM NOT DEAD! 😅 I’m sorry for this mini hiatus, but I had to work through some issues so:


Today it’s time for another Tag, y’all! This time I got tagged by Taylor @ Taylor Reads Books to do the Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag! Thank you Taylor, and you others please check out her blog! I am really excited to do this Tag – I’ve seen it around and I think it’s a great way to share a few things about the blog!

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How long have you been a blogger? 

I started this blog in April 2016, but I only published 5 posts that month and then quit for two months, so the real blogging started this July!

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At what point do you think you will stop? 


Well, maybe not never, but this is such a great hobby and it’s so much fun, so I want to try to continue for as long as possible!

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What is the best part? 

Y’all are! I really think that this amazing community is the best part about blogging! Everyone is so supportive and you can basically always find someone to talk to about anything! 😍 Also I love that I get to talk about my interests – books -, my favorite things – books -, and that people are actually interested in the same things!

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What is the worst part? 

Sometimes blogging can be quite stressful and I often feel like my posts aren’t good enough and don’t compare to others’…

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How long does it take you to find/create pictures to use?

As the quality of my cover pictures shows I don’t spend too much time on them… I do my best, try to be creative but constant, but I’m just really not good with creating pictures! The GIFs I take from, so I don’t own any rights of them. I get the pictures of book covers from

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Who’s your book crush? 

I think we already established that 😅 Roth, Crownprince of hell from the Dark Elements series by Jennifer L. Armentrout! A close second is Ethan Dunn, son of the archangel Michael from the Supernaturals series by Kelly Oram.

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What author would you like to have on your blog? 

Definitely Jennifer L. Armentrout! I love her books, she’s one of my favorite authors and it would just be amazing to have someone like her on my blog! Another author that I would find really interesting is Emery Lord. Her book When We Collided had a really big influence on me and I think that she must be a very interesting person!

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What do you wear when you write your blog? 

Adidas running pants and loose shirts or Hoodies 😁 I dress down for my favorite hobby  😅
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How long does it take you to prepare a post?

It depends… Some posts I write within an hour or two and for others – mostly reviews – I need a few days, or a few hours!

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How do you feel about the book blogger community/culture? 

I absolutely love it! The community (at least from my experience) is very supportive and absolutely lovely! As for the blogging culture… Well I guess I have to like it since I decided to be a part of it, right?

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What do you think one should do to have a successful blog? 

Just be yourself! Try to be unique and stand out, show who you are and, again, be yourself! Also, it’s perfectly alright to make mistakes! This is your space in the internet, do it your way, no one  has the right to say anything about it!

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That’s it for today and I hope you liked finding out some more about my opinion of blogging 😄

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