Book Shuffle | August

Hi guys! Today, once again, I want to do the Book Shuffle meme. I originally planed to post one of these twice a month, but I didn’t get around to do it, so monthly it is! This meme was created and is hosted by Shannon @ Clockwork Bibliophile and if you want to join in on the fun just check out her post about the Book Shuffle!

The song that came up in my library this time was 7 Years by Lukas Graham and I matched this one with A thousand boy kisses by Tillie Cole!

The Song

I absolutely love 7 Years! The components of this song fit together perfectly in my opinion and it’s just an overall great song. While I really enjoy a lot of songs by Lukas Graham they aren’t a band I listen to regularly…Even though I think I should, actually! This song has become one of my favorite songs to listen to when I’m awake at night…

The song itself really doesn’t have any connection to the book I’ve chosen but to me it still makes sense!

The Book

A Thousand Boy Kisses by Tillie Cole is one of my absolute favorites when it comes to books! It is so freaking sad but so beautiful and happy at the same time. I kind of wrote a review for the book that you can check out here. I think A thousand boy kisses is such a beautiful story and while it features some story elements that other YA writers have used before it is completely different from all of them!

For connecting the song and the movie I really don’t have a reasoning that others could understand, but a more personal one. It’s just that every time I hear this song, I have to think of Cole’s book and am close to crying every single time and this song kinda was my soundtrack to the book. Also, even though the song is about something completely different than the book, I feel like you could add different, book matching, lyrics to the instrumentals of 7 years and still have the same type of song. No one could really tell the difference I think.

A sad note that connects the song and the book is that Poppy and Rune will never be able to become good parents, or parents at all, which is what this song is really about. Aaaand there we go – just writing about that makes me cry all over again!


Well this was my second Book Shuffle and I hope you enjoyed reading it! And thank you for reading it! 🙂


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