Top 5 Wednesday – Most Unlikable Characters

Hi guys! Today you are reading another Top 5 Wednesday post. As said multiple times by now 😉 Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly book meme, that is hosted by  Sam @ Thoughts on Tomes. There is also a  Goodreads group for this meme, where you can find out about the topics and meet fellow bloggers who take part in this meme. Today’s topic is REALLY hard for me – Most unlikable characters that aren’t villains . I oftentimes have a short-term memory when it comes to secondary characters that I didn’t like (at least if they weren’t supposed to be unlikable) and on the other side I don’t often find the main characters of books unlikable…So finding the following characters was so incredibly hard that I thought about not doing todays Top 5. But, I mean, here we are sooo, I somehow was able to find 5 characters!

  • Alison Collins from Tone Deaf: I already wrote about this girl in my review for Tone Deaf29401076 so I’m probably repeating myself but… I just can’t stand this girl!! She is just unlikable and there are a lot of things about her character that kind of pissed me of and sometimes i was short of groaning whenever she opened her mouth…



  • Torin from The Lunar Chronicles: About the royal advisor Torin I have to say that he isthe_lunar_chronicles_01_cinder one of those people who you just don’t know why you don’t like them, but you just don’t like them. It might have to do with his status and that he always has to make smart decisions but even if that is understandable I still don’t like him.



  • Mike Driscoll from Being Jamie Baker: Mike Driscoll is one of those typical jocks that perf5.250x8.000.inddjust think they can do whatever they want just because they are good at some kind of sport. He is one of the popular guys and basically thinks that every person girl should worship the ground he walks on. Furthermore he thinks he can utilize people for his own good as if they weren’t people. I just cannot stand an attitude like this so that’s why he’s made this list.



  • Alby from The Maze Runner: I’m sorry, but about Alby I have to say that I just don’t like6186357 him. I don’t really have a specific reason but I just don’t like him. Well…at least in the books I don’t, but he’s alright in the movie.




  • Mia Reyes from Mia and the Bad Boy: So I really don’t dislike Mia herself but it’s more 25446202that I dislike some of her goals and opinions. It’s been a while since I’ve read this book, so I’m sorry if I give any wrong information now. To me it seemed like being a better person and being happier in life was strongly associated with Ryder having to let go of his Rock preference and give in to the whole boy band stuff.. I hated that about the end because….COME ON! Let the dude like Rock! Rock music is amazing!


So this was my Top 5 Wednesday post for today and I want to apologize for the low quality but it’s really not my topic and it was hard enough for me to post something about this topic at all… Thank y’all for reading and I hope you were still able to enjoy this post! What characters do you dislike? Read y’all later! 🙂


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