4 things that I hate being done to books!

Hi guys! Today I want to talk a little pit about the pet peeves I have when it comes to books… or more like: things I absolutely HATE(!!!!!!) when people do them to books. Okay, I’ll admit that it’s not really that bad but as I said before, the things I’ll mention are just my personal pet peeves! Now enough with the useless  talking writing and let’s get started!

1.Writing in Books: There probably aren’t a lot of people who agree with my opinion on this topic but I can’t stand the act of writing in a book at all! I feel like it only ruins the beautiful pages and in my opinion the only acceptable reason to write in books is signing them. I just don’t see it being necessary for notes or marking quotes or whatever – you can just put a post-it there.

2.Bending over a book’s spine: Doing this is just plain cruel! Think about it, you’re basically breaking that book’s back! You can’t just do something like that! Also I like my books to be in good condition so every time I see a book’s spine bent over I die a little on the inside.

3.Dog-earing a book: For this pet peeve I basically have the same explanation as above. I like my books in a good condition and even though this might seem like something insignificant, any kind of damage is damage!

4.Not reading them!!! I just think that everyone should at least try reading books!! 🙂 Reading can bring so much joy and it can take you to basically any place you can imagine. Also when people say things like “Why not just watch the movie?” I always kinda cringe on the inside. Sure I love movies too, but they just can’t create the same kind of connection towards the characters or anything else of a story. So, yeah, I think the worst thing you can do to books is not reading them!

Thank you guys for reading and I hope you could find yourself in some of the points. What are your pet peeves when it comes to treating books the right way? I hope you have a great evening, day or whatever it is when you’re reading this! 🙂


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