Cover Lust Friday!

Hi Guys! It’s finally Friday, so yay!! Today I want to try out the Cover Lust Friday meme that is hosted by Alice Reeds. For this meme you choose a cover that you like a lot and talk a little bit about why you chose this cover in particular. I’m really excited for this, so let’s get started! 🙂

I really want to do multiple covers for this one because they’re part of a series but I’m going to limit myself to one – The first one.


Author: Melissa Meyer

Title: Cinder

Published: January 8th, 2013

Series: The Lunar Chronicles #1

Version: Square Fish Paperback  (387 pages)

Rating: 5+ Stars

I absolutely adore this cover, as well as all the others in this series! I feel like they already give a lot of information about the main character of the book before you read it by representing one important part of the protagonist. I also really like about this cover, that it captures the essence of the fairytale which is being retold. In this case it is Cinderella, and I think the creator of this cover combined the fairytale and the Sci-Fi part beautifully.


The combination of the cyborg foot inside of this normal leg is done so gracefully and classy! But it also is still obvious (obviously!) that there indeed is something inside the “normal” leg. This again kinda represents Cinder and the simple fact that she will never not be a Cyborg. Whatever she does, however she tries to hide it, it will always be there! It will always be a part of her!

So, this is one of my favorite covers, what do you think of it? What covers do you love? Thank you very much for reading and have a great day, evening or whatever! 🙂


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