Top 5 Wednesday – Favorite books outside my comfort zone

So I just joined the Goodreads group for the Top 5 Wednesday, which is a weekly book meme hosted by Sam at Thoughts on Tomes.  So if you don’t know the Top 5 Wednesday, it is a weekly meme where bloggers can post their Top 5 books for certain topics. The topics can be found in the Goodreads group, that I linked above. If you like the idea you should definitely check it out and maybe try it yourself.

So as the title says this week’s topic is “Favorite books outside your comfort zone” and honestly this is a pretty hard topic for me to find my Top 5 on, because I mostly know what kinds of books I like and I try to stick to those. But I did find just enough books to create this post with. Lucky me, so let’s go!!


5. Perfume – The story of a murderer (Patrick Sueskind)

This book is a historical fiction novel and honestly, I try to stay clear off those (except for IMG_9240one other exception). I probably never would’ve read this if we didn’t have to read this for school and when I started reading it I didn’t think I would enjoy it at all. I’m just mostly not the type for those kinds of books because I just prefer the ones that play in the present or future and that have characters that I can relate to. What actually made me enjoy this book in the end was more the talking about it in class and analyzing the main character and also the circumstances of his life. Also the question if he is victim of the people, that have played important roles in his life, or just a villain are what make this book really interesting. I have to admit that I probably won’t venture into this genre again.

4. Beauty in the Ashes (Micalea Smeltzer)

This book doesn’t really fall out of my usual genre, which is Young Adult and New Adult of20761170 basically any kind, too much. It is Dark Contemporary Romance and the reason why I put it on this list is that, over long stretches of the story, it is really harmful for the main characters and hurts them a lot. Also the fact that it doesn’t have a happy end for the main characters together makes it different from my normal reads. Let’s be honest, you don’t really find that in my usual genres… What I liked about it most is that it just tells the truth – it doesn’t cover the tough parts. It shows that bad situation don’t necessarily lead to a good outcome, how it is often displayed in books nowadays. Troubled people just don’t always get their happy end and this book is a very good example of showing this.


3.Frozen Charlotte (Alex Bell)

Horror! I hate Horror! I am so easily scared of ANYTHING even remotely in the direction23357071 of horror. I have to admit that I am not completely sure if this really is the horror genre but it definitely contains enough elements of said genre, for me to conceive it as part of it. It really surprised me, how much I enjoyed this book. I only downloaded it on iBooks because it was free to be honest…But this story was so interesting, even though it was creepy, and I could hardly stop once I started it. But it did provide my with a lot of scares…





2. Memoirs of a Geisha (Arthur Golden)

So this is the second book of the historical genre in this list. I actually don’t remember 930why I decided to read this book when I did (it’s been a few years). I think I saw parts of the movie and when I found it in my family’s bookshelf after that I wanted to see what it’s like. This book was intriguing in many ways and I liked how you could feel yourself into the story and into the mind of this scared girl who slowly turns into a woman under circumstances that aren’t the best for growing up. I also found the culture displayed in the book very interesting and this makes up a big part of the book’s appeal. What I also liked about it was that you could follow the main character trough these various stages of life.



1.The Reader (Bernhard Schlink)

This is yet another book I read for school – but this time voluntarily. I try to avoid post233858 World War II literature at all costs. I just don’t enjoy these kinds of books because… well I can’t really put my finger on why. I just seem to enjoy modern-day novels or novels set in the future a lot more. To me they’re a lot more relateable and I they contain topics that I can connect to better. But this book! It has a writing style that I very much enjoyed and also the story, from Michael’s time at the university on, especially with its ethic question is amazing. It addresses the topics of illiteracy and WWII crimes in a very well thought through way and it makes you think about those in depth. Not only with hat but also from a certain distance.



So what did you think of my first Top 5 Wednesday post? Have you read any of these books? Let me know what you think of the list and thank you for reading! 🙂


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