Book Shuffle | July

So the other day I saw the Book Shuffle hosted by Shannon from the blog Clockwork Bibliophile and I thought, since I just love music, I could try that out!

The first song that came up on my phone was Amnesia by 5 Seconds of Summer and I matched it to the book Remember Jamie Baker by Kelly Oram.

1.The Song

You know, I’m pretty sure that by now everyone in my age group knows this song and I have to admit I really, really love this song! But for anyone who doesn’t know it here’s the music video:

I honestly just love the tone of the song, as well as the lyrics and *sigh* everything about it. Also it was a pretty easy one to match… as you might realize from the title of the book I connected with this beautiful song!

2.The Book (Spoilers!)

As you read above my chosen book is Remember Jamie Baker by Kelly Oram and the reason for this is obvious – Jamie has Amnesia. I know, I know this is the opposite of creative and the song isn’t even about someone with Amnesia yadayadayada…But that really isn’t the (main) reason this book was my first choice.

The important one really is Ryan Miller!! Ryan is such an optimistic, lovable, kind person who, btw, always kind of reminded me of a puppy-a Husky, maybe, or a Labradoodle…But let’s get back on topic. When the mentioned song came up for my Book Shuffle I had to think of what could’ve been Ryan if he wasn’t the strong, kindhearted person he is. Think about it – his fiancee went missing for months and he didn’t have a clue where she could be. For all he knew she could’ve been dead or could’ve just decided she didn’t love him anymore. Most people with weaker characters would’ve cracked under these circumstances and as in the song would’ve wished they had amnesia themselves to keep from feeling the pain of the loss again and again, day for day. But lucky for us this didn’t happen and Jamie finally got ALL her memories back, so we were able to enjoy Jamie Baker and Ryan Miller once again! I just love those two so so much and I just wished it could go on forever!


Thanks for reading and I hope this Book Shuffle was alright! Let me know what you thought of it! You should definitely check out the creator Shannon’s blog that I linked above!


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