Update and June Wrap up!

So… Well I haven’t posted in a long time! It basically sucked but I felt like I didn’t have the time beside school to have a blog and decided to give up…Foolish me!

During those last three and something months I’ve noticed that I really missed writing down my opinions about books and (hopefully) share them with others that are interested in those. I don’t know if anyone can really relate to this but I literally don’t have a single person I can talk to about books. Yeah so I want to try to post stuff again and keep sharing them with others…I thought I could start with a Wrap up of what I’ve read in June:

*Puts on motivational music*

So let’s do this!!

Das Parfum – Die Geschichte eines Moerders -Patrick Sueskind


I had to read this book for school and I didn’t really think this would be my kind of book…and it’s not.

I only give this book 2 Stars

Of course it has its good parts and for the most time I was just bored reading this book and really don’t like the writing style. I like the idea of the book though and that’s why it didn’t get less stars.


Kick, Push (Kick, Push #1) – Jay McLean


I loved this book and I also love most of the authors other books so it’s not really surprising that I give this book 5 Stars .

This book was actually a re-read because the next book in the series was released and I just wanted to make sure i was back on track. It was just as good as the first time I’ve got to say.

Coast (Kick, Push #2) – Jay McLean


Just as the book mentioned before I give this one 5 Stars.

There’s not really much to say about this except that I love it just as much as all the other books in the The Road series.

The Problem with Forever – Jennifer L. Armentrout


I absolutely adore this book! I fell in love with it on the first few pages and don’t even start on the main characters… This is definitely worth a 5+ Stars rating!

Remember Jamie Baker (Jamie Baker #3) – Kelly Oram


I feel like this book was the perfect ending for the series, that I thoroughly enjoyed reading.  I waited so long for this to come out and I’m glad I wasn’t disappointed – not that I thought I would be!

This book gets 5 Stars.

I feel like I’ve had a really good month concerning books so let’s continue.

Adventures in Neverland #1 and #2 – Anna Katmore


I really enjoy reading these kinds of books that take a spin on classic stories/fairytales and I especially love the spin the author took on the story of Peter Pan. All in all the series gets 4.5 Stars.

The first one actually was a re-read as well by the way.

Chaoskuss – Teresa Sporrer


So this is a German book and I liked it a lot. I’m a sucker for supernatural books and how the different authors change up that topic. This book gets  4.5 Stars.

Fallen Crest High – Tijan


This book was another re-read and I feel like I liked it the first time but in June I can only give it 3 Stars.

Outsider (Outsider #1) – Micalea Smeltzer


Again with the supernatural so 4 Stars.

If you’ve come this far with reading this post thank you and I apologize for it being so long but well, I love my books. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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