Uninvited by Sophie Jordan

Short description:

Davy had everything – a terrific boyfriend, the homecoming crown, a bright future at Julliard – but when her genetic tests come back positive for Homicidal Tendency Syndrome, she loses it all. Uninvited from her prestigious school, avoided by all her friends and family she is placed in a special class with other “carriers” who are treated like the murderers they someday might become.

Only Sean, a fellow HTS carrier, can relate to her new life and tells her that she alone controls her actions – not the code embedded into her DNA. But even if she can learn to trust him, can she trust herself?

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What’s it about?

First off some main info:

Author: Sophie Jordan

Title: Uninvited

Published: January 27th 2015

Series: The Uninvited series (Two book series)

Version: Amazon Kindle Version (389 pages)

Time it took: 1 day (since I actually do have a life and had to make a few breaks)

The book plays in a time where authorities and especially a company called Wainwright Agency have found a gene that they make responsible for aggressive tendencies that lead to murder and other violent crimes. It’s called HTS – Homicidal Tendency Syndrome. Now there are nationwide test that are required  for all kinds of things or positions and also at most school. If a test comes back positive the person’s life is practically over. Carriers are shunned, fall victim to prejudices and no one ever sees them for the person they are again. The vast majority of humans then only see the gene. A gene, the carriers might not even act on. A gene, that some of them aren’t even really affected by in their behavior or way of thinking. The world is cruel to them, often it even turns them into the killers everyone thinks they are because they just don’t see any other way anymore.

When Davina Hamilton’s test comes back positive, her life is ruined almost on the spot. Her friends ignore her, even report her to the Wainwright agency for slapping her now ex-boyfriend for being a rude jerk and her parents can’t even really look at her anymore. She herself even thinks it’s justified at times. She sees herself as a monster even though she has never done anything wrong or hateful to deserve to be treated the way she is. When she has to switch schools and comes in contact with other carriers she sees for the first time that some of them really don’t deserve the reputation the are given while others are just as brutal and deadly as “normal” people think. Only after meeting and building up a friendship with Sean she kind of learns not to let a reputation define her. After a mass shooting at a mall in Davy’s home state Texas everything spirals out of control and she has to make some tough decisions but always has her new friends on her side…

My opinion:

First of all I have to say that I loved this book. What ever I say about it in a negative direction, I still love it and none of its “faults” can weight that down. I loved the writing style of this book. The author has a really good way of describing things and I think her presentations of scenes that have to do with all the vicious prejudices and the hateful attitude of people (especially teenagers/students) towards carriers could happen like that in real life. What I loved most about the way this book was written and the layout of the chapters was, that there were little segments at the end of each chapter that informed about things that happened outside of Davy’s knowledge. Things that were interesting facts about society and the influence of The Agency as well as little signs of betrayal in Davy’s life that were kind of a forecast of the upcoming events. I am a big fan of knowing more than the main character at times even though it basically destroys me through all of the possible outcomes. But on this case I was mostly right.

Now let’s move on to the characters. I really enjoyed Davina’s character. From what I’ve read a lot of people think of her as this little spoiled brat, just because she is really talented and kind of whiny when she finds out about the gene she carries. I see things a little different. I don’t see her as one of those spoiled brats, that are popular in high school and stomp all over everyone else. I see her as a confident young women that has a lot of reasons to be confident and to enjoy life – you can’t hate her just because she got lucky in life. Then you’d have to hate a lot of people all the time. And when she falls apart because she has the gene… that is totally justifiable! I would be completely devastated as well, who wouldn’t be? I like that for once there is a seemingly weak character who doesn’t accept all the drastic changes in her life with her head held high because this scenario is just so much more realistic. You can’t always be strong. The only part that really annoyed me about her and that I really can’t understand is when she feels like she has now family anymore. Only when the second part of the book starts she realizes that her family tried to be there for her during all that time of rapid changes, especially her brother. Before that she doesn’t appreciate, that they all (except her father) try. But that’s enough about Davy. My other two favorites where Gil, who was just the nicest guy ever and so smart, loyal and trustworthy, and then there’s Sean. He is one of those typical bad boys with the soft inside, but that’s how I love it. I have to admit I’m just a sucker for those bad boys gone good and also their background stories and how their characters develop. So let’s move on the the people I hate in the book, which is basically every single former friend of Davy’s, including her boyfriend. They are all your typical vicious, cruel teenagers and sadly I have to say that, in real life, I think it would turn out exactly the way it did in the book, because that’s just how teenagers are – no matter the generation or the surroundings.

What also made this book a really good read is the fact, that the world is, like I already said earlier, really realistic and I think that a lot of situations would play out exactly like this in real life. Also the always significant theme of discrimination of individuals different that the wide mass of humans got to me. It is a topic I often think about and that is very important to me. This is why I like the way the author brings out the importance of addressing this issue in her book. Now to the cover. It is one of my all time favorite covers. It is beautiful in it’s own simple yet intricate way. I love how the DNA double helices come out of her hair. So subtle I didn’t even notice it the first few times I looked at the cover.

One thing that I dislike was the fact that there was no real explanation of how it came to this society what made them search for this gene and how they found HTS. Also about how the Wainwright agency got so much influence is unclear.

Now, I hope I said all the important parts concerning me the most, I want to say again that I loved this book and I want to rate it with 4.8 Stars.


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